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Ready for Departure

Medical Sailing Ministries - Ready for 2013 voyage

For those of you following the Remote Area Medical Assistance project in Vanuatu we can report that the yacht ‘Chimere’ arrived safely in Sydney from Melbourne and is making final preparations for departure to Vanuatu. Application Solutions’ Managing Director, Andrew Latimer will be skippering the August leg of the voyage which will be based around Melakula.


This year he will joined by Application Solutions’ alliance partner, Dave Mears (CEO-DNA Electrical) and three other volunteer crew plus a medical crew of 5.


While in Melbourne the yacht underwent a substantial upgrade. While the cost was considerable there was also a significant involvement of highly skilled volunteers. Congratulations to the whole team it has been a great effort.


This year the yacht has an automatic tracker which is displayed on the web site so you can watch progress each day.

Keep track of the voyage by checking out the following links:

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Andrew’s 2010 Ship’s Log

http://msm.org.au/crew-changeover/ (navigate to the next (or previous) day’s log using the links above the Log heading)



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