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In spite of having to add ESD features to your development there are some good reasons for wanting to do so!

Vanuatu – Remote Area Medical Assistance

Application Solutions director, Andrew Latimer and his brother and other volunteers once again sailed among the islands of Vanuatu to transport medical teams and equipment to the remotest places. Many of the islands have no electricity and in the very few towns that do, diesel generators provide the base load supply at great cost. A small wind farm in Port Vila supplies part of the load there. Here and there a few solar panels can be seen at individual homes supplying limited needs. Occasionally the sound of small generators can be heard supplying power for a particular short term need.

Over 4,000 patients were seen during this years project plus countless training sessions were run on making mud brick low smoke cooking stoves to help reduce lung and eye diseases.

If you are interested in the work of the medical teams please visit http://www.msm.org.au where there is a daily log from the yacht over the last four months. If you would like to support the work of MSM please contact Andrew

Winter 2010

The boat crew attempting to fix one of the many generators that had ceased to work in the islands.

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