Proving Compliance

Occasionally a certificate purporting that a design complies with Section J is submitted yet there is no evidence to show that it does. Application Solutions checked up on a certificate recently only to find the person concerned didn’t have a copy of Section J and didn’t know what it contained. That didn’t stop him claiming […]

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In our last newsletter we talked about Section J being new and that everyone was working out what they had to do at the Construction Certificate stage. Now the question arises, what do we need to do at the other end of the process? Obviously PCAs will want the Section J part of the work

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Insulation should not interfere with the safety or performance of services and fittings such as heating flues, recessed light fittings, transformers for low voltage lighting, gas appliances and general plumbing and electrical components. This includes providing appropriate clearances. Low voltage lighting transformers should not be covered by insulation and be mounted above the insulation rather

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