Energy Efficiency

Selling Your Own excess Power

An article by Emma Young in the West Australia newspaper WA Today, caught our eye. It reports on a trial in Perth where people with solar panels can sell their excess power to each other but not back to the grid.   The article below is from this original article where you can also listen to

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What Is Possible?

Since 2007 the public/political debate around sustainability degenerated into polarized political positions which appear to be separated from reality.  Yet at an individual level people have the good sense to ignore the politics and get on with life. Adoption of solar PV systems has continued unabated with roof top systems contributing more than 3MW of

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Energy Master Planning

We typically see a lot of projects at Construction Certificate Stage and when we review the plans at this phase the design is finished. So often we say, “if only we had had a look at this at concept stage” because at that point you make decisions that save energy/money for the life of the building. There is no

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Client Functions

Last year we started to host functions for our long term regular clients which gave us the opportunity to spend social time with them. We always appreciate the on-going support from our clients and the referrals we receive from their networks. Yet on a day to day basis it\’s hard to express our sincere gratitude. The first function

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The Value of Energy Monitoring

The first step to take in the energy reduction journey is monitoring. The old saying is true: “you can’t control what you can’t measure”. We design a monitoring scheme that will reveal the critical issues early and allows ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is working as it should. The monitoring system can be designed to

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Improving your NABERS rating

It may come as a surprise to many that improving a building’s NABERS rating is not just about reducing energy use. It is about reducing emissions. Taking this into account changes thinking about which building upgrade to approve.   For example if you reduce electrical energy use by 20% you reduce emission by 20% also.

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