When is the right time to think about Section J of the BCA?

In terms of compliance it becomes a “have to” at the Construction Certificate stage. At that stage the certifier will want you to demonstrate compliance. That is where Application Solutions can help by preparing a comprehensive Compliance Assessment.

Leaving thoughts of energy efficiency (which is what Section J is all about) until the end of the design stage can present some problems. Thinking about energy efficiency may prompt a different design solution. However no one wants to go to the delay or expense of a Section 96 amendment to the DA.

Occasionally Section J may force a review of design to say, add shading to improve the glazing options. A section 96 amendment then becomes a necessity.

We have found it is better to start thinking about energy efficiency at the pre-DA stage. Application Solutions often contributes at this point and later prepares the full compliance assessment.

Mar 2008

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